Sleep chronicles

So I should try and keep track of some of this stuff to better track how I’m doing. I woke up yesterday again really sweaty. Like extremely uncomfortable sweating and I’m not sure why. I don’t think I was hot but my back, chest, and head were very sweaty. Usually, something like this might happen if I was really anxious when I went to sleep, which was the case a couple days ago. Yesterday, it was seemingly for no reason unless I was actually worse than I was feeling. The last couple days haven’t been great so we’ll try and sleep and see what happens.

I’ve woken up and fallen back asleep a few times in the passed three hours because I stayed up too late and also feel very anxious. This is the worst thing. I’m sweating a bunch most likely from this knot in my chest that makes my heart pound and my breathing get heavy. Then my dreams are completely random and might as well be nightmares… I should have settled for 4 hours of sleep…

Yo, we cleared T8 finally :D We totally didn’t almost die twice in 10 seconds though. Don’t mind that!

For the record, this is a turn a week. I’m not saying T9 will take us a week but we can probably get it soon :D!!!

@angelia thanks! We were at it for a while and this ended up being pretty late so I’m glad we got clear as well as a bunch of practice for this week coming up. But on the teamwork bit, this video doesn’t show the 2% wipe I caused… 2 hours before… Go team! :D

Searching (Tone test) by me :D

I’m kind of trying to refine my guitar tone a little bit. I think having a base of what I’m pretty sure is a Mesa dual rectifier, I have a pretty awesome tone, but I think I can really step it up and make something even heavier sounding.

I’m trying to find a more refined tone for my guitar stuff. I have more technical stuff that I maybe get completely wrong on Soundcloud :D

This is totally in the wrong key but it just kind of came out while I was tuning my guitar! I love the music from The Sims so much and this made me so happy! :D I am no where good on the piano anymore but I want to learn this for real so bad!

Here’s the actual song for reference! LINK! If you can play this, you are the coolest person to me!